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We are also the proud host to "The Closet" a lending center for Foster Parents to use.  It's full of clothes and other critical supplies our Foster Parents need when getting a surprise youth (or a rapidly growing youth).


We are not a part of or funded by the Department of Family Services (DFS) in Fairfax.  Think of us as sort of the "PTA" for Foster Care. We work with the County DFS, we have similar goals... to support the youth we serve, and we do it by being a resource, and voice of our members.  We have no membership fees.  We support ourselves by the strength of our members.


The Fairfax County Foster Care and Adoption Association is a grassroots organization founded on the principle of helping foster and adoptive parents in Fairfax County Virginia.  We pride ourselves on providing a safe and supportive environment for all parents of adopted and foster children.  We offer events throughout the year that give parents a chance to network, and the youth we support to have fun.  We accomplish this by having people like you, offer to help plan, host, or organize events.​


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